Blackberry 8100 Delete Multiple Emails

I have been trying to remove multiple emails on the Blackberry 8100 since I started using my first one and finally found a solution. I don’t like sitting for hours and removing hundreds of emails that can be examined later on my desktop. I want to get at what’s important at the moment and move on.

It wasn’t very obvious, but I did slap my forehead once I found it. I am so excited to have found this new method, I’m sure it’ll help you too.

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Oracle Maximum Open Cursors Exceeded

In writing my application that checks certain settings and values every few seconds received the following error today.

ORA-01000: maximum open cursors

This error presented itself because I wasn’t closing the OracleDataReader object in my code. I’ll show below the entire code and then bold the code that I had to add to rid my code of the leak. I used TOAD for Oracle to find the opened cursors current in the Statistics of the Session Browser on the database. Continue reading

Error while reverse engineering Oracle 10g with Erwin

“ORA-00942 -Table or view does not exist”. This is the error get trying to reverse-engineer two table spaces in my Oracle 10g database server. Thanks to the following link. I was able to resolve this.

Nothing is wrong with Erwin or the Oracle database or it’s connections. It’s a matter of offering the right privileged user’s username/password to retrieve objects owned by a specific user.

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