Where I’ve Been?

There’s a great, fun site called “Where I’ve Been” that lets you “wander” the world and point out where you have traveled, lived, or would like to travel. It’s a ton of fun. Great place to remember where you’ve been. Kudos to those that made it. It’s something that you can use with your Facebook account if you like. That’s where I’ve used it.


Fishing at Rockport Reservoir, Utah

I just got back from a great weekend with my Boy Scout troop. It was a blast. We found one of the first-come-first-served tent sites just on the other side of the dam on the north end of the lake. This was called the Riverbend Campgrounds. There is a spot for reserved group sites and then those for first comers. It was a great weekend trip. I caught my first real big fish of my life. It was a 1 lb. and 13 1/2 inch Largemouth Bass. It was beautiful. Continue reading