Wow, the differences between the Firewire standards really have me up in arms. I’m a little disappointed with Apple for not making the Firewire 800 (1394b – 9pin) plug available on my MacBook. Because, it’s been out for a while, and the speed is amazing, up to 700 MB/sec. That’s up from the 100, 200, and 400 speeds of Firewire 400 (1394a).

I wanted to get the new Lexar Professional UDMA 300x speed Compact Flash card for my DSLR and I’m finding out a few things needed to make this all work.

First, my Nikon D70s doesn’t transfer at the 300x speed and not many new cameras do. The camera will still use the CF and at the highest rate the UDMA will allow for the cameras slot. That’s OK, I wanted to get the images downloaded off the card as fast as possible. So, I had to get all the components together that would allow the fast possible speed, yet be a complete high-speed set so when the time comes to upgrade the other devices, everything is at it’s peak.

The components required from photo shoot to post-processing are the following.

Camera to memory card to memory card reader to computer

Each of these have different transfer rates. The Camera (CF) being about 70x, the memory card reader (9 pin 1394b Firewire) is 300x, the computer (Apple Macbook 6 pin 1394a Firewire) is about 150x.

Because the Lexar camera reader has 9 pin 1394b Firewire connections and the Macbook has 6 pin 1394a Firewire connections. I am having to find an adapter that bridges this connection “disconnect”.

ORACLE initialization or shutdown in progress

Error “ORA-01033 ORACLE initialization or shutdown in progress” plagued me twice, not a third, unprepared!

Since this was the second time this happened to me so I decided I should get all my ducks in a row cause if it happened twice, it will most likely happen a third time, if not to me, then to someone else.

The reason this happened was because my automated script that restores two databases and does everything to shut down and restart the instance got fowled up. It fowled up when I accidentally ran both scripts simultaneously. The first script did the shutdown operations, and the second script did the same. … which then barfed everything up and locked the files and considered everything in a shutdown state. Continue reading

Hiding Module, Panels, and Filmstrip

What in the world does this mean in Adobe Lightroom!?

The Five Rules

In Adobe’s Lightroom, there is a work environment that help make working on photos much easier. Sometimes, and all too often, do the toolbars or panels get in the way of working on photos. Well, adobe put together The Five Rules to help you understand the the environment better. I won’t go into those here because they’ve done a great job on their own. I will tell you though how to get to the tutorial in Lightroom, and then I’ll explain some Key Commands that they don’t cover. Continue reading

.NET DataGridView Edit Pencil Icon

There’s a problem when editing the DataGridView.

Problem: The pencil glyph icon in edit mode wouldn’t go away. Here’s the situation and the solution.

Solution: If the property Virtual is set to false the glyph will go away, period.

Even after doing this, a call to the EndEdit() function wasn’t required to make the glyph go away even though other people say that it’s required. Test it though to make sure. Suffice it to say that if you’re still having a problem after setting the Virtual property, then it’s something with the grid property settings or the programmatic overrides you’re doing. But this setting worked for me.

Any additional comments or concerns about this?

Visual Studio DataGridView

An application I wrote to compare values in the rows of two datagridviews, set side-by-side, will hide rows if no difference is found; which then leaves just the rows that are different. Simple enough, but an error was thrown when one of the grid’s cells was active. This is the error.

Row associated with the currency manager's position cannot be made invisible.

The solution is to put the following command somewhere at the top of your routine before accessing the grid rows (C# code).

<DataGridView>.CurrentCell = null

Hope this helps.