Flickr Badge

At times you’d like to use your flickr photostream to feed your blog or other website.

If you follow this link,, you will get to a screen that will accept your<screenname> and this will figure out the flickr id code you need to supply to some plug-ins for certain blogs and page builders (like Sandvox).

  1. Login to your flickr account.
  2. Click on the menu tab “You”
  3. Highlight the entire URL address and copy it to the clipboard (Ctrl-C for Windows or apple-C for Mac)
  4. Visit the site
  5. Paste the URL and click Submit
  6. Copy the ID Code (nnnn@00), not including the ID: label.
  7. Paste this ID Code into the “widget”

Had to look around for this one, so I though I would produce it for you. Look at how it worked for me on my site at

Photo Date Adjustment in Lightroom 2

Do you have two cameras and have forgotten to adjust one of them to match the other; you’ve consequently used them both on a single shoot and find the dates of the photos off!?

When uploading the photos into Lightroom, the pictures don’t match in the slider. It’s necessary to get them in sync. This will help you to get them adjusted. It should be a no-brainer, but sometimes the frustration of forgetting can overpower the common sense on how to make the actual adjustment.

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Mac Screen Grab Shortcuts

All too often when writing to a blog, pictures can speak more than a 1,000 words and it becomes a bother to easily get a screenshot. These shortcuts will help speed things up:

  • Command-Shift-3 shortcut for taking a screen capture of your entire screen and saves it to the desktop as “Picture x.png”, where x is an incrementing number.
  • Command-Shift-4, which gives you a crosshair cursor so you can choose which area of the screen you want to capture and saves it on the desktop like the previous command.
  • Control-Command-Shift-3 (or 4), which, instead of creating a file on your desktop, copies the capture into your Clipboard memory, so you can paste it where you want.

We hope this tip has helped you to make better use of your time, and enhancing the blog-space by showing through pictures, what to do or say. Happy “grab-ing”.

TwilightMoms City Movie Festival

If you had the opportunity to to see the Twilight Movie screening a few days ago it was a great date with the wife or significant other. put on a huge city movie festival and the outcome was extraordinary. The committee wanted capture the energy and excitement in Salt Lake City, Utah. There were tons of calls and emails flooding the committee members houses to accept the invitations to the event that were easily sold out. This has come to be the biggest Twilight City Movie Festival anywhere. This was organized by fans, supported by fans, and enjoyed by more than just fans.

You might be surprised by the outcome, but the details and the numbers will definitely show off the glitter of the event.

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D300 Firmware Update

UPDATE: I went to shoot the Coldplay concert at the Energy Solutions Arena tonight in Salt Lake City, Utah and I didn’t have a lick of problems. In fact, it acted like a normal camera should. I loved having too the increased number of minimum shutter speeds in the ISO Sensitivity menu option. That helped a lot, because the previous firmware minimum was 1/250 and now there is a minimum of 1/4000. Nice.

During this┬álast week, since getting the Nikon D300, I have been having some nasty little issues with┬áthe camera and how the photos have been turning out. The 70-200 VR f2.8 lens I own has been “freezing” up and I haven’t been able to take pictures because it won’t focus. I have also found that, even compared to my Nikon D70s, I have seen some unsatisfactory photos. There’s what I consider to be excessive bluring of the photos.

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Twilight Movie Screening

Or should I say, Twilight Screaming. I was of course one of the few men in the theater to see the movie and I KNOW that the others were, the radio station manager, a movie reviewer from and the other supportive husbands of the committee members at I was caught up in the overpowering energy and tingling excitement of the tweeners in the room. I thought there might be more young girls at the movie, but there was a surprising amount of older girls. Continue reading

SQL Recompiles

Here are some articles that describes the need to reference the owner (schema) of SQL Server stored procedure when called by applications. Also, making sure that the calls are sensitive to the case of the schema.ProcName.

Following these suggestion can reduce CPU activity, needless recompiles, and prevent extra procedure cache examinations, which reduces the profiler SP:CacheMiss activity and subsequent contention.

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SMO SQL Server Error Reading Stored Procedures Collection

The following error is appearing while running Visual Studio 2005 and developing an application with SMO capabilities. It appears when trying perform a foreach( on ActiveDB.StoredProcedures).

Could not load file or assembly ‘Microsoft.SqlServer.BatchParser, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=89845dcd8080cc91’ or one of its dependencies. An attempt was made to load a program with an incorrect format.

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