O2 Sensor Problem

I have a 2004 Grand Prix Supercharge 6 cyl. and it has been running great for a while. My check engine light has been on for a while because of my procrastination and have finally come around to getting things changed out. I took the car to Autozone and had them check the computer. They indicated that the O2 Sensor was bad. And they gave me Bank 1 Sensor 1 error. It was time to change it out. Continue reading

I posted this at HowardForums.com a couple of years ago and wanted to bring it “home”. Hope this helps for others. At the time I had a Blackberry 7250, now I have a Blackberry 8150. This same solution fixed it for my new device, so I thought it would be good to store this solution here permenantly.

The context of this posting is that the Blackberry desktop will crash when syncing. Giving a kind of arbitrary message. If looking at the logs it seems that it stops at a certain calendar date. It probably is, even though the error is weird. Eventually I found out the problem and have posted an all emcompassing solution.

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