About Us

Welcome to the SnapJag.com website. You will find here two monikers I am referred by:

  1. SnapJag, and
  2. dbArchitect

Greg loves working with both computers and photography. He is a freelance Information Technology professional and Photographer offering consulting services and training in computers, programming, and databases. Also he spends time taking photographs.

  • My profession: computers (Systems Analysis and Design) – a big term for making business more streamlined and efficient with the use of computers using programming and databases as the key components
  • My hobby profession: photography (SnapJag.com) – as a Freelance photographer I choose to shoot things that represent a “Lifestyle” … it’s better said what I don’t do. I don’t do weddings, or any formal engagements. It’s all about snapshots, fun, and capturing the moment.

Greg’s computer freelance work is what he does by day for a career. As a computer ninja and having specialized in it for over 25 years he is involved with most everything, solving problems and making things work better, easier, and faster. He specializes in C# software development and database administration and architecture using Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle MySQL. Also creating/designing websites and graphics.

Spare time is spent offering services as a Freelance Photographer specializing in candid and event photography. It lets him keep active and creative, getting out and doing something with people, traveling, and being involved socializing, attending concerts and sporting events.

Business Profile

Greg L. Wright has over 20 years of experience managing Microsoft SQL Server, including companies like Xerox (formerly ACS) working with shipping clients like UPS hosting a more than 35,000-user world-wide installation, one of the largest in the nation. Greg’s areas of expertise include system architecture, performance tuning, replication and troubleshooting. He uses these skills in his role as a Senior Database Administrator and Architect. Greg has written technical articles on SQL Server management and photography.

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Why Here and Now

This site … well … it’s a way to get all the information out of my head … I’m busting at the seams and this is a way to document all the solutions to problems and puzzles I come across and get them all written down. If it helps out other people, then I’ve met my goal. This site is also my sandbox, along with other information to help people, trying new things. Check them out (SnapJag.com, GLEEW.com, WestUnitedSoccer.org). This site is a launching pad for bigger things, so here it stands.

Support the site

If you find the site useful and would like to support the site, you can offer a kind donation via Paypal. I have to keep the servers running and every contribution has helped. Thanks.


The philosophy of all this is … God gave me knowledge, talents, and skills, and I want to pay it forward, helping as many people as I can.

Will Smith said in an E! News special …

I absolutely feel that there are certain gifts and certain talents that God has blessed me with that it would be spiritually criminal to only use to make money. I’ve been blessed with a vehicle to be able to change, as sappy as it may sound, make the world a better place.

— Will Smith
The E! True Hollywood Story
12-08-2007 Episode 534