Kendra L. Wright

CNA and Freelance Photographer
Salt Lake City, Utah
Phone: 801.755.9194 or Email: kendra(at)

Presenting Wild+Free Photography by Kendra. Welcome to my bio, and a list of events and photo shoots that make up my photography portfolio.

Photography Portfolio

I love singing, performing, sports, and the outdoors. I love helping and service people. In the end, I love people. I am available for freelance contract work as a semi-professional photographer.

  • My profession: CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) at a local major hospital in the Mother-Baby unit; and I love it and interacting with people.
  • My hobby profession: photography (under SnapJag Photography) – as a Freelance Photographer I choose to shoot things that represent “lifestyle” and candid moments. I do weddings and formal events, but as a side-line photographer that captures the candid moments of the wedding party and guests. It’s all about snapshots, fun, and capturing the moment.

Business Profile

My main job is as a full-time worker as a CNA at a local major hospital in the Mother-Baby unit. I’m currently enrolled in school to become a Registered Nurse. I have computer experience, artistic work is a passion. Crafts and such.

In my spare time I offer services in freelance photography, specializing in candid lifestyle and event photography. It lets me keep active and creative while also getting out of the house and interacting with people, doing some traveling, and being involved in social events, attending concerts, and sporting events.

Why Here and Now

I’m branching into photography to build up my portfolio. I like to interact with people, travel, and see new and exciting things. This helps give me freedom and experience, and be little ‘wild’.


Life is what you make it. The talents we have can be for a personal benefit, but real growth comes from being with, and interacting with people.

Photo Gallery

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