EC2 and SQL Server Micro

As we are learning the new EC2 Amazon Cloud Services, I am compelled to post a “how to” when setting up and connecting to an AWS EC2 SQL Server box. This will answer many questions for others so they can get around the few issues that will creep up when Launching a new EC2 SQL instance. This same information can be used for other server launches too. Continue reading

The E Center Changes its Name

Maverik CenterLast week, there was news that The E Center has changed it’s name. The E Center will now be known as The Maverik Center. I am personally very excited about this. It has a great ring to it, even though The E Center name has been around longer than The Energy Solutions Arena, the new name will help keep them from being confused. The Maverik stores have done well in Utah and blend well with the Desert, Outdoors, Activity based atmosphere of the state. Continue reading

Microsoft SQL Server

SQL Server Best Practices

There is nothing better than knowing exactly what needs to be done to get the best results from your technology. Especially from a database server.

Why wouldn’t someone read the manual on how to care for a car to know how it works? Because everyone wants to have the satisfaction that they got in the car, ran it, and never had to look at the manual! Yet, you didn’t know you had to do maintenance, where that maintenance should take place and at what intervals. Well, this is where best practices come in. Don’t try and drive your car and let the engine churn without knowing how to best care for it.

Five Signs You Aren’t CIO Material

This video presents the top 5 attributes and skills that make up a CIO or Chief Information Officer. There are many paths to take in the IT industry, and one of those it up. All the way up to CIO. You will say to yourself, “I can do that job, I know everything about computers”. Yet, when it comes to visionary, strategic, and financial implementations these are things you want to avoid. Then you might want to make some adjustments that either help you to be more involved and understand those more, or set your sights on something different.

This is a must see so you get a head on your fast track before time ticks away. Jason Hiner from TechRepublic provides a small clip that reviews these top challenges in this career path.

The E Center Seating

Our latest endeavor has been to update the seating charts on The E Center website. They have turned out great and has had a tremendous impact on the visibility of The E Center and helped visitors in having a rich experience knowing where their seats are in the arena.

In recent months, the E Center of West Valley City, Utah has launched a new website using many of our photos in their gallery in addition to the introductory billboard photos cycling on each and every page. Being the Head Photographer of The Maverik Center has been a great pleasure and opportunity to provide my skills to the community and help increase visibility of great concerts and events at the venue. Continue reading

Unveil: Mundo Pepe Logo

If you’re in the Salt Lake City area, to help this new business and if you need help with your gardening needs, lawn care, or other grounds keeping tasks, call 801.347.7536 and ask for Pepe Garcia.

It’s to our great pleasure, and that of Mundo Pepe, that we unveil their new company name, logo, design, and theme. We have been commissioned to create the name, logo, colors, scheme, and look of a local startup company in the Salt Lake City area. Pepe Garcia is an entrepreneur seeking to improve his business image, increase his exposure, draw attention to new clients, and improve his pursuits with professional aspects of the business.

Mundo Pepe is a lawn and yard care business for homes and business. Pepe and his employees are striving to make a global impact and impression on the gardening business. Mundo Pepe in English stand for The World of Pepe, in so many words. The concept is that it’s Pepe’s World and he wants to make an impact on beautifying it, and making it a better looking place.

Let Pepe know that you found his information here on our site! If you have any comments or feedback on the logo, we’d love to hear from you.

UEC Web Launch

Utah Education Consulting

Utah Education Consulting

We are excited to announce the launch of the website of our client – Utah Education Consulting. We also designed the new logo for Utah Education Consulting and assisted in tweaking some image elements and provided consulting advice. They are a leading consulting firm providing consulting services to help Utah educational institutions to receive the necessary support, information, and strategies that can help make them be more successful.

Executive Director and Founder: Michael Westover

Visit Utah Education Consulting today.

Egg Expressions

Company: Egg Expressions

Opportunity: Creative Design Consultant, Webmaster

Location: West Valley City, UT

Date: March 1, 2009

Assignment: image enhancement, website design + hosting, logo design is a website for the business built by Award Winning artist Caroly Kemp of West Valley City, Utah. Who has for the many years provided hand painted collectible egg shell creations. She visits national conventions for egg enthusiasts and classic design artists and sells to the community there, online, and in her local community.

Her time spent painting eggs has been thoroughly rewarded by the awe-inspring results with which clients, including national dignitaries, have enjoyed and put on display in their homes.


Labor Ready

Company: Labor Ready

Opportunity: Creative Design Consultant

Location: Headquarters in Kent, WA; WVC, UT office assignment

Date: January 25, 2009

Assignment: Consulting + Marketing Brochures

Labor Ready has a large local presence helping people find jobs. In this day and age, the economy has taken a turn for the more difficult. It’s a blessing to have a company like Labor Ready there to help out the community. 

The brochures and marketing materials will help to increase job opportunities for the community and will strengthen and unite it with it’s kindness, concern, and assistance.