The E Center Changes its Name

Maverik CenterLast week, there was news that The E Center has changed it’s name. The E Center will now be known as The Maverik Center. I am personally very excited about this. It has a great ring to it, even though The E Center name has been around longer than The Energy Solutions Arena, the new name will help keep them from being confused. The Maverik stores have done well in Utah and blend well with the Desert, Outdoors, Activity based atmosphere of the state. Continue reading

Concert: Muse

MuseThe concert for Muse was good. I didn’t stay for the entire concert, but was there for the first three songs as is customary and allowed by the band management. Muse came out standing on a 360 degree stage which had three columns for each member of the band to stand on. They were as high as the rear seating where they could be seen from anywhere in the venue. The arena was screaming, enjoying the music and they played very well.

The E Center Seating

Our latest endeavor has been to update the seating charts on The E Center website. They have turned out great and has had a tremendous impact on the visibility of The E Center and helped visitors in having a rich experience knowing where their seats are in the arena.

In recent months, the E Center of West Valley City, Utah has launched a new website using many of our photos in their gallery in addition to the introductory billboard photos cycling on each and every page. Being the Head Photographer of The Maverik Center has been a great pleasure and opportunity to provide my skills to the community and help increase visibility of great concerts and events at the venue. Continue reading

Concert: No Doubt

In May 2009, the band No Doubt, featuring Gwen Stefani performed a magnificent concert at The E Center in West Valley City, Utah. They put on a great show. The band started the night with a white curtain draped in front of the stage to hide the equipment and it lent well to the surprise. The stage was completely white, including the floor, backdrop and even the drums, keyboards, stands, and including the band members.  The final appearance that topped it off were the touches of black trim everywhere as accents. It was a great show. Continue reading

Brian Regan

Brian Regan is a tremendous comedian. He has toured the nation and been extremely successful with is humor, wit, and especially good taste in comedy. There aren’t many comedians that uphold a great repetoir of good jokes, but if you haven’t seen Brian, he sure aims to please. Continue reading

The Depot

Venue: The Depot

Opportunity: Head/house photography

Location: Salt Lake City, Utah

Time: Select dates since March 2007 to March 2009

The Depot is Salt Lake’s newest, unrivaled live music and entertainment venue, featuring a revolution in video and audio technology unmatched, not just locally, but nationally. With three levels built into the landmark Union Pacific station at The Gateway, The Depot offers a whole new dimension in live entertainment and dining.

The Depot offers over 22,000 square feet of banquet space available for any kind of event. Whether looking for a new venue for your Corporate meeting or an elegant setting for your wedding reception, The Depot has it all.

  • The Depot
  • The Blue Goose
  • Baxters
  • The Grand Hall

This is a great place to have events, is quaint, stylish, and will definitely perk up the eyes and ears of the guests. Great for parties and dancing. I have loved attending this venue and working with the people there.

United Concerts

Venue: USANA Amphitheater

Opportunity: Head/house photographer

Location: West Valley City, Utah

Time: March 2007 to present

World renowned as one of the best outdoor venues for music events. There is nothing better than being with your friends, outside in the summer air, listening to your favorite musicians and bands.

I have photographed dozens of distinct shows and events. Check out the portfolio to see more of the celebrities and events.

This venue is always inventing new opportunities and creative ways of being Green. One of the special opportunities is through carpooling. USANA Amphitheatre will reward you for carpooling. Check out this link for more information.

If you come with four or more people, you can park in the “green” lot where are fewer lines. Now who can argue with that. Planning and preparation goes a long way in savings and can make your event much more enjoyable.

The E Center

Venue: The E Center

Opportunity: Head Photographer

Location: West Valley City, Utah

Time: March 2006 to present

The E Center mission statement is:

The “E” Center is dedicated to providing superior entertainment in a comfortable, enjoyable setting. We commit the talents of our management and staff to providing an unparalleled diversity of quality events and world-class service. Our patrons will always be our priority and value will always be our commitment.

The E-Center of West Valley City opened its doors to the Salt Lake Valley September 22, 1997. Designed by the world’s premiere arena architect, HOK, The E Center is the home of the ECHL’s Utah Grizzlies.

The E-Center gained international acclaim and exposure as the host venue for the Ice Hockey Championships at the 2002 Olympic Winter Games.

The E-Center has taken the term “state-of-the-art” to a new level, combining the modern amenities of a large arena with the service and intimacy of a small theater. Within the E-Center is a unique Theatre configuration which can accomodate audiences as small as 3,700, while a crowd of 12,000 can be just as comfortable in the main arena.