Buy plan for custom wood game

Build a custom wood-working game with our plan today. If you don’t have time, I will build one for you.

Ever need a game that will consume the kids time and give them hours of fun. This game is for kids 6+, scouts, teenagers, or adults who can play while on trips, at home, or anywhere? I have made a great step-by-step plan to build the game.

This can be a great scout project for a camp gadget or wood-working project. It could even be an eagle project to give the games to others. This is our SlapStick(tm) stick-hockey game. It is a 5’x3′ stick-hockey game with sides, a center piece and slots for the puck to slide. All you need are sticks (broom sticks) and a hockey puck. Very sturdy. Very straight forward. Detailed plans are $7.00.

It can be played by two or four people. Hours of fun. Enjoy the time together. The game can be built on your own for just under $30.00 material (not including the tools) or I can build you the game for $45.00.

I also build other wood-working items like name plates, simple toys, seasonal art work, wood phrase writings, and other things found at The Quilted Bear, Michaels and other places. $25/hour + materials.

Plans and designs, by SnapJag Creative Designs (c) 2009 at

I posted this at a couple of years ago and wanted to bring it “home”. Hope this helps for others. At the time I had a Blackberry 7250, now I have a Blackberry 8150. This same solution fixed it for my new device, so I thought it would be good to store this solution here permenantly.

The context of this posting is that the Blackberry desktop will crash when syncing. Giving a kind of arbitrary message. If looking at the logs it seems that it stops at a certain calendar date. It probably is, even though the error is weird. Eventually I found out the problem and have posted an all emcompassing solution.

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TwilightMoms City Movie Festival

If you had the opportunity to to see the Twilight Movie screening a few days ago it was a great date with the wife or significant other. put on a huge city movie festival and the outcome was extraordinary. The committee wanted capture the energy and excitement in Salt Lake City, Utah. There were tons of calls and emails flooding the committee members houses to accept the invitations to the event that were easily sold out. This has come to be the biggest Twilight City Movie Festival anywhere. This was organized by fans, supported by fans, and enjoyed by more than just fans.

You might be surprised by the outcome, but the details and the numbers will definitely show off the glitter of the event.

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Where I’ve Been?

There’s a great, fun site called “Where I’ve Been” that lets you “wander” the world and point out where you have traveled, lived, or would like to travel. It’s a ton of fun. Great place to remember where you’ve been. Kudos to those that made it. It’s something that you can use with your Facebook account if you like. That’s where I’ve used it.

Fishing at Rockport Reservoir, Utah

I just got back from a great weekend with my Boy Scout troop. It was a blast. We found one of the first-come-first-served tent sites just on the other side of the dam on the north end of the lake. This was called the Riverbend Campgrounds. There is a spot for reserved group sites and then those for first comers. It was a great weekend trip. I caught my first real big fish of my life. It was a 1 lb. and 13 1/2 inch Largemouth Bass. It was beautiful. Continue reading

Happy February 29th!

Leap, Leap! What makes today so special. It’s leap year. Today, February 29th, is one of those days that comes only once every four years, and others, do you know?

So if today is called Leap Year, what are all the other years called?

Anyone know. Help me out.