Zenfolio $5 Sign-Up Discount

A discount of $5 will be taken off your order when signing up for an account at Zenfolio for photo hosting. Sign up today and be sure use the referral code below 929-GZ4-MB9.

At SnapJag.com, we host our photos at Zenfolio for others to see which includes great features like password protection, themes, referral codes, ordering, and especially with great speed to upload, view, and print. You can also take advantage of this service. Sign up and use the code above to receive your discount. Continue reading

The E Center Changes its Name

Maverik CenterLast week, there was news that The E Center has changed it’s name. The E Center will now be known as The Maverik Center. I am personally very excited about this. It has a great ring to it, even though The E Center name has been around longer than The Energy Solutions Arena, the new name will help keep them from being confused. The Maverik stores have done well in Utah and blend well with the Desert, Outdoors, Activity based atmosphere of the state. Continue reading

Are the rules in your favor?

[rokbox title=”Rules :: Are the rules in your favor?” thumb=”http://folio.snapjag.com/img/v1/p709171832-10.jpg”]http://folio.snapjag.com/img/v1/p709171832-11.jpg[/rokbox]

For those that know me, I am a stickler for rules. This is of course because as a software developer, database administrator, and systems architect, it’s necessary for me to know the boundaries of applicable rules and use wisdom and reason to know when the rules need to be kept to maintain order, or when the rules are to be broken, or better said, surpassed, so new trail blazing can be made in areas of research and innovation. Continue reading

Customizing a Windows Theme

Ever want to create a new theme for your desktop? Microsoft offers great instructions to accomplish this. All you need is:

  1. An active imagination
  2. A photo you have taken, that’s rather descent
  3. Colors that match your photo and style
  4. Fonts that are a pleasure to read and nothing way too funky or this turns people off


If you need some photos, please visit our site at http://folio.snapjag.com; if you see something you like, email me and get a price for the download most are $5 for a 1024×768 desktop download.

TwilightMOMs Event On B98.7

Both of SnapJag Creative Designs hosted sites are receiving special attention today … TwilightMOMS.com and EventsByAlice.com.

Kirsten Wright was on the radio this morning at 8:30 AM with B98.7 of Salt Lake City, Utah and Mitch Hansen from the Mitch Hansen band. The Mitch Hansen band is the premier Twilight band that tours the country attending events, promotionals, and performing concerts. A great band with great music!

If you listen to the radio at 8:30 AM this morning you will hear the special events that will be out on in the valley at the Expo Center.

This logo designed by SnapJag CD

Revealed is the New Moon Experience on November 19th and continuing through the 20th. There are packages to purchase which include a deluxe package with a concert ticket, music CD, SWAG and more. Check out their site to find out how to order your ticket today.

Congratulations to two of our hosted sites.

Morgan Funeral Ceremony Photos

It was a tragic time in the life of some close friends who unfortunately lost their four month old daughter. It as an accident that could probably have been avoided, but nontheless occurred and had to be dealt with on a day by day basis. Having been asked to take some photos of the family and the funeral services was bitter sweet request. It’s an unfortunate event and at the same time a precious opportunity to capture a family coming together to witness the respect and ceremonial services of a loved one.

We love and support you in your efforts, knowing that God is keeping Morgan safe in his arms awaiting the return of others to live forever in peace.

This is the gallery of the services, so if you are a family member, you will have a password to see the entire set of photos. If you aren’t, sorry, but the privacy of the family is foremost on this solem occaision. We will though provide you with a sample.

The E Center Seating

Our latest endeavor has been to update the seating charts on The E Center website. They have turned out great and has had a tremendous impact on the visibility of The E Center and helped visitors in having a rich experience knowing where their seats are in the arena.

In recent months, the E Center of West Valley City, Utah has launched a new website using many of our photos in their gallery in addition to the introductory billboard photos cycling on each and every page. Being the Head Photographer of The Maverik Center has been a great pleasure and opportunity to provide my skills to the community and help increase visibility of great concerts and events at the venue. Continue reading

Remove or Change the Joomla Welcome Message

After joomla is installed, a “Welcome to the front page” message appears. This may be what you want, but not around here. It’s something that just screams “amateur. You can make a few changes to your site that help escape the entry-level mentality and apperance and it doesn’t take a lot to do it. It does take however some telling you that it needs to be done, and it takes you to hear it and take the advice.

Another great reason for changing this text is because this is the phrase or title that appears in the toolbar, in the tab, and the content title page in SEO. So, make it a good title, but show it or don’t show it, depends on your preference to that page.

A page title banner exists like this for every page. This one happens to be on the Home page under your Main Menu. It’s on the menu content placeholder when you press the title of your website. Find that page and follow the instructions below.

These are the instructions to remove the yelling statement:

  1. Find the menu that is used for your front page (or any other Title Page banner you want to adjust)
  2. Click on the page that is presented for that menu.
  3. Expand the Parameters – System section
  4. Either change the name of the title or indicate Show Page Title = No

For me, I prefer show Page Title = No for this page because I want the post header to speak for itself. But that’s up to you. At least change it from “Welcome to the Front Page” and with this one change, you increase in major skill points.