Photo Date Adjustment in Lightroom 2

Do you have two cameras and have forgotten to adjust one of them to match the other; you’ve consequently used them both on a single shoot and find the dates of the photos off!?

When uploading the photos into Lightroom, the pictures don’t match in the slider. It’s necessary to get them in sync. This will help you to get them adjusted. It should be a no-brainer, but sometimes the frustration of forgetting can overpower the common sense on how to make the actual adjustment.

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Hiding Module, Panels, and Filmstrip

What in the world does this mean in Adobe Lightroom!?

The Five Rules

In Adobe’s Lightroom, there is a work environment that help make working on photos much easier. Sometimes, and all too often, do the toolbars or panels get in the way of working on photos. Well, adobe put together The Five Rules to help you understand the the environment better. I won’t go into those here because they’ve done a great job on their own. I will tell you though how to get to the tutorial in Lightroom, and then I’ll explain some Key Commands that they don’t cover. Continue reading