D300 Firmware Update

UPDATE: I went to shoot the Coldplay concert at the Energy Solutions Arena tonight in Salt Lake City, Utah and I didn’t have a lick of problems. In fact, it acted like a normal camera should. I loved having too the increased number of minimum shutter speeds in the ISO Sensitivity menu option. That helped a lot, because the previous firmware minimum was 1/250 and now there is a minimum of 1/4000. Nice.

During this┬álast week, since getting the Nikon D300, I have been having some nasty little issues with┬áthe camera and how the photos have been turning out. The 70-200 VR f2.8 lens I own has been “freezing” up and I haven’t been able to take pictures because it won’t focus. I have also found that, even compared to my Nikon D70s, I have seen some unsatisfactory photos. There’s what I consider to be excessive bluring of the photos.

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