Concert: Muse

MuseThe concert for Muse was good. I didn’t stay for the entire concert, but was there for the first three songs as is customary and allowed by the band management. Muse came out standing on a 360 degree stage which had three columns for each member of the band to stand on. They were as high as the rear seating where they could be seen from anywhere in the venue. The arena was screaming, enjoying the music and they played very well.

Concert: No Doubt

In May 2009, the band No Doubt, featuring Gwen Stefani performed a magnificent concert at The E Center in West Valley City, Utah. They put on a great show. The band started the night with a white curtain draped in front of the stage to hide the equipment and it lent well to the surprise. The stage was completely white, including the floor, backdrop and even the drums, keyboards, stands, and including the band members.  The final appearance that topped it off were the touches of black trim everywhere as accents. It was a great show. Continue reading

Concert: Linkin Park

West Valley City, Utah – The E Center

When I arrived with my friend to the E Center we found that the parking, even two blocks away was packed. The restaurants around the vicinity, I’m sure weren’t packed with patrons, but the cars were those of the concert goers. With a sell out crowd of 11,000 people, the representation of the group was phenomenal, an understatement. Continue reading