Microsoft SQL Server

SQL Server Best Practices

There is nothing better than knowing exactly what needs to be done to get the best results from your technology. Especially from a database server.

Why wouldn’t someone read the manual on how to care for a car to know how it works? Because everyone wants to have the satisfaction that they got in the car, ran it, and never had to look at the manual! Yet, you didn’t know you had to do maintenance, where that maintenance should take place and at what intervals. Well, this is where best practices come in. Don’t try and drive your car and let the engine churn without knowing how to best care for it.

Five Signs You Aren’t CIO Material

This video presents the top 5 attributes and skills that make up a CIO or Chief Information Officer. There are many paths to take in the IT industry, and one of those it up. All the way up to CIO. You will say to yourself, “I can do that job, I know everything about computers”. Yet, when it comes to visionary, strategic, and financial implementations these are things you want to avoid. Then you might want to make some adjustments that either help you to be more involved and understand those more, or set your sights on something different.

This is a must see so you get a head on your fast track before time ticks away. Jason Hiner from TechRepublic provides a small clip that reviews these top challenges in this career path.

Are the rules in your favor?

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For those that know me, I am a stickler for rules. This is of course because as a software developer, database administrator, and systems architect, it’s necessary for me to know the boundaries of applicable rules and use wisdom and reason to know when the rules need to be kept to maintain order, or when the rules are to be broken, or better said, surpassed, so new trail blazing can be made in areas of research and innovation. Continue reading

Customizing a Windows Theme

Ever want to create a new theme for your desktop? Microsoft offers great instructions to accomplish this. All you need is:

  1. An active imagination
  2. A photo you have taken, that’s rather descent
  3. Colors that match your photo and style
  4. Fonts that are a pleasure to read and nothing way too funky or this turns people off

If you need some photos, please visit our site at; if you see something you like, email me and get a price for the download most are $5 for a 1024×768 desktop download.

WebsiteSpark Program for Noobies and Small Businesses

Microsoft has been moving at lightning speed to give software away. Especially to web professionals that want to make a huge difference in their new start-up career.  They may actually be on their way to provide a great stimulus package, that’s what I think. When Microsoft decides to give away thousands of dollars of software for free, you should perk up and listen. WebsiteSpark is a participation program you will not want to look past. Continue reading

Dreamspark Opportunity Extended

The opportunity for students just got a little sweeter. It used to be that under the Dreamspark program, college students wanting to get their feet wet in programming, could signup for the program and receive some of Microsoft’s flagship programming applications for free! Yes, free! When did Microsoft ever offer something for free. Well, they got close … it is free … however, they simply want to make sure the offer is being provided to the right market group. Students.

The sweet spot just hit by offering this now not to just College students, but now High School students. In the grades from 9 through 12. The “very small” catch is that the students must go through a few “small” hoops to get it.  I would highly advise that anyone in school from grade 9 to college look into this … it’s great. The students in High School will need to have the assistance of a school representative to make the requests, download the keys, and download the software for the student, but that’s a small price to pay for the really small price to start getting into programming.

Buy plan for custom wood game

Build a custom wood-working game with our plan today. If you don’t have time, I will build one for you.

Ever need a game that will consume the kids time and give them hours of fun. This game is for kids 6+, scouts, teenagers, or adults who can play while on trips, at home, or anywhere? I have made a great step-by-step plan to build the game.

This can be a great scout project for a camp gadget or wood-working project. It could even be an eagle project to give the games to others. This is our SlapStick(tm) stick-hockey game. It is a 5’x3′ stick-hockey game with sides, a center piece and slots for the puck to slide. All you need are sticks (broom sticks) and a hockey puck. Very sturdy. Very straight forward. Detailed plans are $7.00.

It can be played by two or four people. Hours of fun. Enjoy the time together. The game can be built on your own for just under $30.00 material (not including the tools) or I can build you the game for $45.00.

I also build other wood-working items like name plates, simple toys, seasonal art work, wood phrase writings, and other things found at The Quilted Bear, Michaels and other places. $25/hour + materials.

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